How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Car During The Summer!

The summer heat is upon us and temperatures are expected to rise quite a bit. July of 2023 was recorded as the hottest month in the Earth’s history for over a century! The trend is expected to sustain as global warming and climate change intensify, so we must get used to increasing temperatures and prepare for ever hotter summers.

Caring For Your Dog During Summers

Preparing for the summer includes preparing your dog for the hot weather. Dogs do not do well on the intense heat of the summer. While sweat glands all over the body keep us calm and protected against the sun, the same is not true for dogs.

Dogs have much fewer sweat glands. This is why dogs experience heat stroke much more quickly than humans. It can become deadly for dogs if corrective measures are not taken immediately when temperatures rise drastically. Heat stroke can occur when a dog’s body temperature rises above 106°F (41.1C).

When heat stroke starts to set in a dog will transition from simply panting to hyperventilation and soon progress to seizures and convulsions. In the most severe cases, death can occur in just a short amount of time. To avoid such a scenario, it is best to take preventative measures.

You can take plenty of precautions to avoid your dog getting a great stroke, but today, we will focus on what you can do to keep your dog cool in the car.

Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Car

Cars can become hot during the summer months. Sometimes you have to run errands and take your dog along, but you may be forced to have them sit in the car. Here are safety measures you need to take when taking your dog in the car during the summer:

Keep The Car Running 

It is best to keep the car’s engine running so you can turn the air conditioning on. Do not try to improve the car’s temperature by opening the windows, this won’t work in extremely hot weather. Opening the windows allows for ventilation, but it is of no help if it only lets hot air in. 

Use Window Covers

You can find shades or window covers at an affordable price. Covering the windows prevents direct sunlight from entering the car. This barrier reduces the intensity of the heat significantly. Cars can turn into an oven during the summer, and covering windows helps to keep the internal temperature at least moderate.

Hydration Is Key

Getting enough hydration is critical to preventing heat stroke. Most people travel with water bottles to stay hydrated while on the go. Do the same for your dog. Keep plenty of water so they can satiate their thirst. You can put bowls in the car permanently so your dog always has a way to get water, even while traveling.

It is a good idea to bring snacks and treats with you as well. Make your dog feel comfortable and relaxed so they do not get anxious. Food also fulfills nutritional needs and prevents your dog from getting sick. 

Get Cooling Pads

It can be so hot that even the car’s air conditioning system may not be enough to keep it cool. It is recommended that you get cooling pads. Cooling pads do not cost much and help to keep limited areas cool. These are very versatile as you can place them anywhere. Place the cooling pad on the seat or against the back, you can cool any part of your dog’s body. 

Use Sensors To Monitor Your Car’s Temperature 

You can never be too safe. So, if you are leaving your dog in the car, even for a very short period, it is better to get temperature sensors put in the car. Temperature sensors record the car’s internal temperature and continuously send this information to your mobile phone.

This way, you can get real-time updates on your dog. You can even invest in a car camera so you will be able to keep an eye on your dog. It will allow you to pick up on signs of discomfort or distress your dog may display so you can act before it is too late. 

All these gadgets may seem expensive, but they are affordable.  Most temperature sensors do not cost much more than a Goldendoodle brush. They are a worthy investment as they help to keep your dog safe. 

Additional Safety Measures 

Aside from the abovementioned measures, you can do additional things to help your dog remain cool. For example, parking your car in a shaded area is highly suggested. Avoiding direct sunlight means your car gets less hot, and the temperature inside remains bearable for longer. 

Another step you can take is to keep wet towels. These can be very helpful, especially when it gets hot and dry instead of hot and humid. The wet towels can be used to wipe your dog, which has a cooling effect on them. 

Traveling With Dogs In The Summer

It may not be the most convenient of advice but it is advisable to minimize traveling in the car with your dog during summertime when the heat is extreme. If you have no choice, don’t leave your dog alone for extended periods in the car and plan for there to be someone to accompany your pooch and respond to their needs. 

Never leave your dog in the car for too long, even if the engine is running and the AC is turned on. If you do have to go out, try to do so on days when the weather is considerably cooler, such as the start or end of the day.

Avoid the extreme heat as much as you can for the sake of your dog because dogs have a much lower tolerance for heat than us.

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